Coleman Mach Thermostat-A Complete Guide From Installation To Troubleshooting

Coleman Mach Thermostat is one of the best producers of heat pumps, air conditioners, thermostats, special applications, and more.

This brand began in the 1960s and has continued producing high-quality appliances. Coleman Mach thermostats come in rectangular and square shapes with buttons to control the temperatures.

They are user-friendly, and some have Bluetooth features. You can easily program the device to your preferred temperatures and time. Learn more about the Coleman Mach Thermostat, from installation to troubleshooting.

How to replace Coleman Mach thermostat

  • Turn off the power going to the AC unit.
  • Separate the back from the face of the thermostat on the new thermostat
  • Please take off the old thermostat face by pulling it from the back.
  • For the back mounted to the wall, remove the screws attached to it.
  • Please take pictures of the wiring on the wall to make it easy to see which wire connects to which color. You can also remove the cables and connect them to the new thermostat.
  • Set the room temperature to the current temperature, check, choose the cool or heat option, and set your fan speed and furnace.
  • Once done, attach the thermostat to the wall using screws and connect the face.

Can I replace my RV thermostat with any thermostat?

You cannot use a standard house thermostat in an RV. RVs frequently employ smaller thermostats and less complicated cooling and heating systems.

Some thermostats can be used in either setting, and many RV thermostats can be applied in mobile homes.

The sort of heating and cooling system your RV has, the brand and model of the RV, and whether the replacement thermostat is battery-operated will all affect how efficient the house thermostat will be.

Before making a purchase, confirm the specifications and recommendations from the manufacturer.

Why is my camper thermostat not working?

Dead battery

Modern digital thermostats need batteries to run the control unit. Swapping out the batteries and double-checking all the broken functions is a good idea.

The thermostat appears to be dead when the battery is completely depleted. Look at your thermostat’s digital screen; if it is glowing, then the batteries are okay.

However, the internal bulbs may have an issue if the sidelight or backlight is dim. The lack of data on the screen indicates that the thermostat is not sending any signals, and the problem could be with the screen.

The positioning of the thermostat

Your thermostat may not work because it is in the wrong spot. Your RV’s thermostat panel may be hit directly by the sun, or defects or openings beneath the thermostat could permit cooler air to seep in and change the readings.

These situations can alter the thermostat’s internal temperature, giving the impression that the thermostat is broken and producing inaccurate results.

Circuit breaker trip

Discovering if your furnace’s heating and cooling circuits are silently tripping is easy. If one or more have tripped, reset the thermostat, then inspect the thermostat and any associated equipment.

Although it could be fine for cooling, it may be more susceptible to tripping when the furnace starts to heat up and you need extra power.

How to install Coleman Mach thermostat

  • Cut off the power to the air conditioner.
  • On the new thermostat, disentangle the thermostat’s face from the rear.
  • Pull the old thermostat face off from the back.
  • Remove the screws holding the back mounted to the wall.
  • To simplify, take images of the wall-mounted wiring to identify which wire connects to which color, or unplug the cables one at a time and attach them to the new thermostat.
  • Check the room’s current temperature, adjust the furnace and fan to the appropriate speeds, and set the temperature to cool or heat.
  • After finishing, screw the thermostat back to the wall and secure the face.

How do you troubleshoot the Coleman Mach thermostat?

#1. Troubleshooting for thermostat not functioning

Adjust temperature

First, make sure the thermostat reads the appropriate temperature for the surroundings.

You might have to change the setting to activate the thermostat if it matches the current temperature.

An automatic setting should select the proper temperature for the conditions if you struggle to find the right environment or remember to make the necessary adjustments when in a new place.

Find a good spot

If placed where the sun shines through the windows, it may read the temperature to be much warmer than it feels in the rest of the car/house.

Select a location that accurately reflects the current temperature and doesn’t get excessively hot or chilly.

#2. Unresponsive thermostat

 The most frequently cited problem is the thermostat’s abrupt shutdown and lack of response.

It can mean the appliance isn’t getting the power required to function. Here are some ways you can troubleshoot:

Replace batteries

If the device is battery-operated, you should ensure the batteries are functional. They may just need to be changed, and new batteries will restart your device.

Check the current flow

If you have a voltmeter, you can measure the current from an outlet powered by the mains. This current should be flowing steadily and at the intended output rate.

An incorrect level or erratic electricity flow could indicate a problem with the outlet, requiring additional inspection.

For the remainder of your trip or until the problem can be checked by a professional, you should use a different outlet if you notice an issue with an outlet.

Use a small lamp that you can put into the outlet and watch to see if the light turns on or not if you do not have a voltmeter to check your outlets.

Watch for a while to see if the current has changed. The lamp light will start to flicker as a sign of this. It is wise to check other outlets in your car as well.

If the same problem occurs on multiple outlets, it’s possible that your generator/battery, whichever you’re using to power your vehicle, is to blame.

If you are connected to a power source inside the RV park and detect a problem with several outlets, ask the park owner to investigate the problem. If the problem is not fixed, move to a different location.

Check the wires

If the device is mains-powered, you must ensure that none of the cables or connections appear frayed, scraped, detached, or corroded. When there is only a loose wire, the user might be able to fix it himself.

However, if there are any indications of harmed or corroded wiring, the machine will require professional repair or replacement if it is beyond repair.

#3. No display on the thermostat screen

When your thermostat screen is not working, it can be difficult to identify the reason. Try following the guidelines on troubleshooting unresponsive thermostats, and if it is not fruitful, swap the fuse and do a reset.

#4. Do a reset

When your device starts acting up, there may be a problem with the configuration files kept on the device.

If you think this might be the issue, it is straightforward to perform a reset. If a reset doesn’t work, it might be worth buying a new fuse, as the old one might be the problem.

How to reset Coleman Mach thermostat

Turn off the thermostat before removing the fuse to ensure no electricity flows through the machine.

Give the gadget a minimum of five minutes before doing anything, then put in the new fuse and turn the power back on.

FAQ: Coleman Mach Thermostat

Will a Domestic thermostat work with a Coleman AC?

A Coleman RV air conditioner can take the place of a Dometic thermostat. A converter kit is vital in making a domestic thermostat replace a Coleman AC.

Using the conversion kit, you may change the Dometic air conditioner into a Coleman one. The Coleman Mach Air-Vantage conversion kit is what you will need for this change.

Thanks to the Coleman Mach Air-Vintage converter, you can use the domestic thermostat and the Coleman AC.

RV access lasts three to five years based on the weather, storage, and how often you use them. On the other hand, some RV air conditioners are solid and, with proper care, can last for as long as ten years.

Who makes Coleman Mach?

Coleman is owned by AIRXCEL, a company that produces RV goods in various forms for both retail and industrial use.

Thor Industries now owns AIRXEL after buying the brand as part of a calculated strategy to reduce its reliance on other parties in the supply chain.

They no longer rely on outside sources for necessary items such as thermostats, air conditioners, sealants, water heaters, and other things.

Its factory in Wichita, Kansas, has produced more than 7 million air conditioners. They are one of the top RV air conditioner producers in the entire RV business.

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Where can I download the Coleman Mach thermostat user manual?

You can get Coleman Mach thermostat guidelines at


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