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Ecobee Thermostat-Every Thing You Need To Know

Ecobee thermostat is one of the leading thermostat brands you can come across. It was first launched in 2008 and has been upgrading its thermostat.

Ecobee has given high-quality Ecobee thermostat models that suit our different needs. Ecobee thermostats come in black, have a sleek, aesthetically pleasing outlook, and easily fit into your home interior.

These thermostats can connect to a Wi-Fi network, which allows them to access more features and is easy to control.

Ecobee thermostats help conserve energy and reduce power usage by effectively controlling the system.

This saves money on cooling and heating costs and is compatible with many devices. Dive in to find out more about Ecobee thermostats.

Where to Buy an Ecobee Thermostat

You can purchase Ecobee thermostats in the US and Canada at the website.

You can also find it at reputable stores like Home Depot, Best Buy, Lowes, Amazon, and Canada Tire (only located in Canada).

It is also available on Walmart. Avoid making purchases from online auctions and other merchants Ecobee does not authorize.

The product won’t be covered by the Ecobee warranty, even though it might look like an Ecobee thermostat. You may be purchasing a fake or defective item.

What Is the Newest Ecobee Thermostat?

The newest Ecobee thermostat is the smart thermostat, which is relatively quick, more refined, and has an improved Alexa speaker. This model resembles the Ecobee 4 from 2017 but has many upgrades.

The upgrades include excellent materials, a remote sensor that has been redesigned, is much louder, and operates way faster. It is available for 249 dollars.

This thermostat has innovative features like smart scheduling, application control, and more.

Its unique sensor allows you to calculate the temperature in various sections of your house and stabilizes the system perfectly.

Since it can sense movement, it can concentrate on balancing temperature depending on where people are.

This thermostat’s battery life can last for five years, and it comes with a wall mount and even a magnetic mount.

Since it only has one sensor, you can get a pair at 79 dollars, and it can favor thirty-two sensors at a go.

Does Ecobee Thermostat Have a Camera?

The Ecobee thermostat does come with a camera, but the latest smart Ecobee thermostat is expected to have a camera.

The camera is set to go for 179 dollars. This camera will work hand in hand with Ecobee 4, ecobee3 lite, ecobee3, and the Ecobee smart thermostat.

The smart camera functions like the indoor security cameras for your home in that it has 1080 pixel resolution, a 180-degree field view, night mode, and two-way talking.

You can also see its live stream from the Ecobee mobile application no matter where you are.

The Ecobee camera can automatically center and pan its view if it senses a person is in the frame.

It is distinct from other cameras because it can act as an Alexa speaker, making it possible for you to make voice commands.

The voice command allows you to access anything from Amazon’s virtual assistant, such as disarming or arming the system, and you will get immediate results.

Who Makes the Ecobee Thermostat?

Ecobee thermostats are made by a Toronto-based smart home thermostat firm. However, Generac acquired it for 770 million dollars. Despite this, the Toronto chief executive officer controls company operations, and the headquarters is still in Toronto.

How to Get a Free Ecobee Thermostat?

This free offer goes for the Ecobee 3 model and the Ecobee air filters if you have a subscription.

Customers who use combination fuel options with electric ones must sign up for the consumer energy (smart thermostat) program to get the free Ecobee thermostat.

You can also go to the consumer energy homepage to get a chance to get the free thermostat.

Can I Use Two Ecobee Thermostats?

It is possible to use two Ecobee thermostats simultaneously; you only need to sync them. You can even link more Ecobee thermostats and various devices since Ecobee devices are suited for each other.  

To link your thermostats to a SmartThings account, you must first register for an Ecobee interface designed for syncing thermostats.

Then, using the provided Ecobee log-in details, sync the equipment with the thermostat spots and a few other details, and you can easily use two or more thermostats simultaneously.

How to Install Ecobee Thermostat

 An Ecobee thermostat with a common wire.


Ecobee 3 lite

Ecobee 3

Without c wire 

Ecobee 4 and Ecobee 3 lite


Voice control installation (Smart thermostat)

This process will take approximately forty-five minutes, and it takes the steps below:

How to Wire an Ecobee Thermostat? 

Ecobee smartthermostat pro;

How to Turn On Ecobee Thermostat 

How to Turn Off Ecobee Thermostat

If your Ecobee thermostat is not turning off after the procedure, it may be because your fan is on. Please change it to auto mode after repeating the steps above.

Why Is My Ecobee Thermostat Not Working

Some of the reasons your Ecobee thermostat is not working are listed below: 

How to Reset Ecobee Thermostat

Schedule and preference reset

This will eliminate your schedule and customize options such as time, temperature, etc.

However, this will not remove the device configuration or your account too. To reset the preference and schedule:

Head to the main menu

Go to the settings options

Click reset

Go to the schedule and preferences options

Registration reset

It is useful to change the email connected to your Ecobee account. You will also need to switch the password.

Doing this will not affect preferences, schedules, and configurations. To reset registration, you need to:

Go to the main menu

Head to the settings option

Proceed to reset and click the reset registration option

Resetting everything

This will remove everything and even take you back to the factory settings. It will delete the configuration, preference, schedule, and account. It means you have to set everything up from scratch. To do this: 

Go to the menu

Select the settings option

Proceed to rest

Click the reset all option.

Can You Lock the Ecobee Thermostat?

Locking your Ecobee thermostat is possible when you use a passcode. Especially if you have kids, you can ensure they do not play around with the thermostat.

This works for the smart thermostat; all you need to do for the other thermostats is put a locked enclosure around it. Follow the steps below to lock your Ecobee smart thermostat:

How to Unlock Ecobee Thermostat 

How to Reboot Ecobee Thermostat

Ecobee 3

To reboot your Ecobee 3 model, gently pull the thermostat cover from its late and place it back.

When taking the thermostat off your wall, firmly grip the front of the Ecobee thermostat.

It is advisable not to pull the back plate since it is fixed to the wall. Once you have removed and returned your Ecobee thermostat, your Ecobee 3 thermostat will reboot.

It will not affect the configuration or your schedules; it will only restart your thermostat fresh. This will get rid of the bugs and glitches on your thermostat.

How to Calibrate Ecobee Thermostat

Calibrating your Ecobee thermostat helps you to get more precise temperature readings. It mostly happens after reboot or installation. To calibrate your Ecobee:

  1. Click on the menu buttons.
  2. After accessing the main menu, scroll downwards until you get to the settings.
  3. Select the installation settings option and click thresholds
  4. It will guide you through the option to correct temperatures
  5. Switch the temperature to your preference, and you are done with the calibration process.

Does Ecobee Thermostat Have a Battery?

The Ecobee thermostat has a single wireless sensor that powers using a CR2032 (coin cell) battery that can last four years.

How to Change Battery in Ecobee Thermostat?

As a new Ecobee thermostat user or a long-term one, you will eventually need to change the batteries.

It looks like a hard task to some people, but it is pretty straightforward and will take a short time.

If you want to change your Ecobee thermostat battery, you require a small head screwdriver by Phillips and a fresh CR2032 battery. Follow the steps below to swap the battery:

How do you set time on the Ecobee Smart Thermostat?

Smart thermostat;

Start by opening the Ecobee webpage, head to, and sign in to the Ecobee thermostat account. You will be taken.

Select settings, and the setting option will appear

Tap time, and the time settings will appear on the screen

Choose the time format you want, either a 24 or 12-hour system. Select the time and select your region and country. These changes will automatically appear on the Ecobee Smart thermostat.

How do you connect the Ecobee Thermostat to Google Home?

With Ecobee, you can manage the thermostat using Google Assistant via the Google Home application when you have a Google Home speaker. Before connecting, you need to:

Make sure you are the Ecobee homeowner based on the Ecobee thermostat.

You must have the Ecobee thermostat name allocated to them; your device will not pair.

To allocate a name, go to your thermostat menu, go to settings, click the preference, and then select the thermostat name option.

If you are using the Ecobee application, choose the switch (+) from the device list, go to the main menu, click device information, and then the device name.

To connect to the Google Home application:

If you do not have a home speaker, you can use Google Assistant. To do so:

How to Connect Ecobee Thermostat to Phone?

With the Ecobee application, you can directly obtain your Ecobee devices from any location.

Download the Ecobee application to your smartphone to utilize this wonderful feature and link your thermostat to an Ecobee account.

To install the application:

To log in to the Ecobee application

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