Honeywell Pro Series Thermostat

The Honeywell Pro series thermostat is among the top thermostats available. This series comes in the t4, t6, t8, t10, and more models.

The Pro series thermostat is rectangular or square and is compatible with Google, Home Kit, EFT, Alexa, and Cortana.

These thermostats can connect to wireless networks, allowing you to perform more functions. Depending on the model, the display shows time, mode, schedule, menu, fan, and more.

The Honeywell Pro series prices range from 43 dollars to 265 dollars on Amazon. You can easily schedule to your preferred times and temperature.

This thermostat can learn your schedule over time and adapt to it. With the Honeywell Pro series, you are assured of a good experience.

Is the Honeywell Home Pro series a smart thermostat?

Honeywell Pro series T6 and T10 are smart thermostats. The Honeywell T6 provides easy control no matter where you are.

You can easily link to their application to adjust the schedule and temperature and automatically respond to changes. When connected to a wireless network, it can easily change the temperatures and is well suited to the steps on the heating structure.

The t10 model can record the cooling and heating pattern around your house. With this model, you will get notifications as soon as there are slight changes in the weather. When it gets too icy, it will activate the frost protection.


How do you turn on the Honeywell Home Pro series thermostat?

To turn on your Honeywell Pro series, turn on the power from the breaker switch or box. After this, you can access the home screen with the menu, mode, fan, time, and more.

How do you turn off the Honeywell thermostat Pro series?

To turn it off, turn the power off to the breaker switch or box. Alternatively, remove the Honeywell thermostat cover, remove the batteries, and put them back on. 

What does recovery mean on the Honeywell Pro series thermostat?

When a Honeywell Thermostat is in recovery mode, it has just come out of an energy-saving mode.

The thermostat activates the HVAC scheme earlier than planned to set itself to the ideal temperature.

It is a smart feature, similar to emergency heat, that turns on if there is a lag between turning on your thermostat and reaching the desired temperature.

The Honeywell thermostat will begin heating your house about an hour before nine am when you want a temperature of 70° Celsius.

It will ensure that you have the ideal temperature at that time. The temperature begins to drop earlier than expected when it’s warm outside.

Is Honeywell Pro series thermostat Wi-Fi?

For the Honeywell t6, you can permit geofencing with this Wi-Fi thermostat to conserve energy when you are not around.

Over time, it can learn your desired comfort, cool, and heat levels according to your schedule.

When your plans switch, you can quickly change the temperature in your house using connected devices.

In the Pro 800 series, you can program your thermostat using Wi-Fi to schedule temperatures and times for each day.

You can even use the holiday and vacation schedule to conserve energy. The T4 Pro also allows the use of Wi-Fi to program various plans.

The Honeywell T10 also uses a wireless network to provide comfort and save energy at home.

How do you connect the Honeywell Pro series thermostat to Wi-Fi?

To connect to a wireless network, follow the steps below: 

  1. Start by installing the Honeywell application, which is available on Android and Apple.
  2. Ensure that the Wi-Fi setup displays on your Honeywell screen. However, if it has not, you must do it manually by pressing the up and fan button for five seconds; you can do this until two numbers show up on the thermostat screen. Click on next until the digits on the left switch to thirty-nine. Use the arrows pointing up and down to adjust the number to 0, then tap on the done option. You will have switched the wireless network setup mode.
  3. Check the available networks using your phone or any other gadget. Find a network with the new thermostat 123456, though the digit at the end may differ.
  4. After that, mobile or any other device will unlink from other wireless networks and only link to your Honeywell thermostat. Depending on your device, you may choose whether the network should be public, home, or office. Select the home network.

Why won’t my Honeywell thermostat pro 6000 series shut off?

Your Honeywell thermostat pro 6000 series may not be shutting down due to various reasons, which include:

  1. Your Honeywell Pro 600 sensors could be malfunctioning. This indicates that your Honeywell thermostat is misreading the temperature in your home as higher than it is. As a result, even though the fan is supposed to turn off, it continues to run.
  2. Extreme temperatures might also exist inside your home. Your home is probably too hot because the fan on your Honeywell thermostat is still running.
  3. You must check your thermostat’s settings to see how they have been set. You might have set the schedule to cool your house excessively.
  4. The fan might have a manual switch that is switched on. Your fan operates because it is set on rather than put to auto.
  5. There might be a system for manual override. This means that even though your house may be cold, your Honeywell thermostat has been instructed to continue running the fan.

How do you reset the Honeywell thermostat Pro series?

●   With batteries

Please turn off your Honeywell Thermostat, remove the batteries, and reinstall them with the negative terminals facing the positive. After five seconds, reposition them correctly.

●  Without batteries

You need to know the model you use, as different Honeywell thermostats are reset differently.

Before resetting your thermostat, you must consider the settings and reconfigure the devices based on their model number.

This article will consider the Honeywell t5, t6, and t5 + pro series. Here’s how to reset your:

Factory default settings

Confirm if the device is turned on since it must be on for this reset

Click on the menu option and hold it continuously for five seconds.

Navigate to the left and pause when the reset option appears

On factory, tap Select

You will get a notification confirming if you are sure of the step; press yes, and your thermostat will reset.


Have your tablet or phone proceed to settings, turn off your mobile data and Wi-Fi, and then enable airplane mode.

Open the Honeywell home application, select your device, then head on to the settings for your thermostat by clicking the cog wheel.

After clicking reset Wi-Fi, the thermostat application will take you through the process.

Select and hold the temperature view from the Honeywell thermostat, which will broadcast the thermostat Wi-Fi. Then click next from the application to proceed.

Select a lyric network name; the thermostat application will give you nails on the thermostat configuration. Click next.

Fix your gadget to your thermostat by putting in a four-digit layout and pressing done

Select the home network option, enter the password, and click next.

Once the wireless network reset is finished, give it three to five minutes for your mobile application and the thermostat to connect.

The thermostat will appear on your phone application. 

Honeywell schedule

Tap the menu option, then hold it

A reset choice will be displayed on your thermostat; click on it

Choose the option to schedule

You will have successfully reset your schedule.

Settings for your Homekit

Click the menu option and hold it.

A reset option will appear; click on it.

Click on the home kit reset by tapping on it

You will have successfully reset your home kit

How do you program the Honeywell Pro series thermostat?

Start by pressing the year using the plus and minus buttons and press select, do the same for the month.

Next, you need to select the day using the (+) and (-) buttons and then click select.

After you are done, choose either the twelve-hour or twenty-four-hour format using the positive and negative keys, then press select.

Once done, use the same key to select a time and press select once you have your desired time; this will save your settings.

Tap the home button to access the settings for different modes, and click the (+) and (-) button to get the ideal mode.

You can use the advanced menu to switch the scheduled programs and times. Click the positive or negative key to navigate the advanced menu option, then press select.

If you want to edit your program, make sure the program option is on, then click on select, use the positive or negative button to get the program you want to edit, then press select.

You can only select four time periods daily: weekends and weekdays, wake and sleep time, and away and home options. To set the cooling and heat schedules, select to fix the time you want. First, you will select the heating temperature. Click either the (+) and (-) buttons to set the right temperature and click on Select. Do the same for the cooling temperature.

Select and choose the time if you want to turn off the programmed schedules. Click plus switch on to off, then select, and press home to save changes.

How do you set the time on the Honeywell Pro series thermostat?

T6 pro series

  •   Click the menu and navigate using the arrows to get to the clock settings
  •   Click the set-time option. You can use the minus and plus indicators and press done to save.

T4 pro series

  • To set up the time, start by selecting the time format you prefer (24-hour or 12-hour system) using the plus or minus button.
  • After, use the positive or negative key to set your preferred time.


How do you unlock the Honeywell Pro series thermostat?

  • Click the center button from your home screen.
  • You will need to key in the passcode. The default passcode for t4 is 1234. Select the plus or minus key for the first digit (1), then press select. Do this for the other digits until they are displayed on the screen together, then click Select.
  • If you have entered the wrong passcode, lines will flash on the screen. Go back and follow the steps above to unlock.


How do you remove the permanent hold on the Honeywell thermostat pro series?

  •   Click the menu button.
  •   A hold option will appear; select cancel to remove the permanent hold.

How do you clear the schedule on the Honeywell thermostat pro series?

  •   Click the set button till the scheduled programs appear on the screen
  •   Make sure the heat or cool is set to your thermostat
  •   Tap the arrow facing upwards and the hold key at the same time for about four seconds
  •   Let go of the two buttons simultaneously to clear the scheduled programs.


How do you remove the cover on the Honeywell Pro series thermostat?

Grab the thermostat and hang on to it

Gently rock it back and forth and pull; your cover will come off.


Does the Honeywell Pro series thermostat have batteries?

The Honeywell Pro series has a battery that must be changed only once a year or before going away from home for more than a month.

However, the Honeywell t6 pro (z wave) does not need a battery if you have wired it to work on twenty-four VAC energy since installation.


How do you replace the battery in the Honeywell Pro series thermostat?

  •   Begin by gently taking the thermostat off the wall using the abovementioned steps.
  •   There are 2AA batteries inside; use the plus side to get the batteries off
  •   There is a plus sign that guides you when putting in the batteries. Start by putting the minus side first and push it down to have the plus side in place
  •   To install it, ensure you align the pins on the back of the thermostat with the wall piece and push it back to the wall until it fits.


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